We eliminate entry barriers to investing in early-stage projects through private rounds, up until the moment of IDO or listing on centralized exchanges
fund investors
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We provide
is a decentralized venture fund, focused on superior returns, which unites top projects and retail investors
Our fund is developing our platform (kondr.io) where every user can participate in private rounds for projects up until the moment of IDO or the listing of tokens on centralized exchanges.
More Than A Fund:
In addition to being a venture fund, the DAO KONDR umbrella also covers a number of other projects that are being actively developed and fit into our overarching ecosystem.
Venture fund - a team of professional investors and analysts that work directly with the creators of new crypto-projects
Media Social media resources
With a total reach of over
4 000 000 people globally
A closed community of investors where investment in private-round crypto projects is conducted
Our platform (kondr.io)
An incubator for
crypto projects
We allow you to develop and launch your product effectively with our support, from tokenomics and market making to blockchain development
Crypto Industry School
Attended by more than 5 thousand students
KON Tokens
Holders gain access to financial deals on the kondr.io platform, an investment asset of DAO KONDR VC
Mining Platform
With a capacity of 9000 TH/s and an estimated value of $1 million, generating
a finanical flow in Bitcoin. The flow is spread out among investment deals and facilitates KON’s deflationary model.
Allows all users to enter the mining industry and mine Bitcoin for themselves
Mining Farm
Register on kondr.io and tap into new opportunities in the world of investing.
KON Fund Tokens
KON — DAO KONDR VC’s venture fund tokens which give holders the ability to participate in the club’s closed deals
KON’s work supports its own mining farm as well as investment deals within the fund which increase liquidity and value when issues are limited
What Are
The Advantages?
Access to closed investments in private rounds up until IDO and listing on centralized exchanges gives users the ability to buy tokens of prospective crypto projects at the lowest price.
Such transactions often include superior returns which will increase your capital 5-100 times over.
How Does It Work?
Access to exclusive terms for investing in various projects in private rounds is available on the kondr.io platform.
Register on the kondr.io website, verify your identity, and connect to our closed community
Procure KON tokens. Tokens can be bought on exchanges or on our website
Holders of KON tokens will gain access to different allocations proportional to the quantity of KON tokens in their wallets
Conduct deals. Participate in private round deals through allocations and receive project tokens
Establish profits from deals.
Collect your profits from
the sales of purchased tokens
from allocations after listing
on exchanges.
Get Access To Closed
Go through a simple registration and get the first allocations to the top projects.
Rating System
Distribution of allocations among investors is determined by our level system. The average value of deals conducted is $400-500k and the amount is then shared among the participants of the respective rating.
1st Rating
10 000 KON
10% Across The Level
Average Allocation $100
2nd Rating
30 000 KON
15% across the level
average allocation $300
3rd Rating
100 000 KON
20% across the level
average allocation $1000
4th Rating
200 000 KON
20% across the level
average allocation $2000
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Investments through private rounds up until IDO/TGE
Raised for projects, crypto, DeFi and GameFi projects
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Students attend our crypto school monthly
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